Founder / President:

David Whiteman

David Whiteman has been developing, supporting, and creating technologies for over 15 years.  From his early years of custom PCs, to digital signage systems, on to mobile software and hardware, and RFID and asset tracking services. 

David Whiteman Enterprises, LLC (DWTech) was founded in 2013 to provide clients with superior technology design services. With over a decade of experience in software design, hardware design, engineering, installation, training, and technology sourcing we can provide (or create) the services you need to accomplish your goals.  

David was born in raised in the Dallas, TX area, now living 30 minutes east of Dallas with his wife and two children.  He has been fascinated by technology since the beginning. He built his first custom PC when he has 5 years old, as has not stopped pushing the boundaries since.  As a teenager he would build custom computers and sell them, foreshadowing his future career path in the ever growing technological world.  He went on to manage several very successful RadioShack stores, doubling sales, receiving numerous awards, all the while developing new systems for RadioShack to better efficiency and operations.  Post RadioShack he moved on to designing, creating, and implementing digital signage systems and networks as well as commercial A/V  and satellite communication systems. For the past several years David has been again creating new technologies and experience, heading up engineering at Fish Technologies, and now with his own firm.  David will continue down the path of combining technologies to create previously unimaginable products and services for his clients.

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We develop award winning technologies, experiences, and services.  We recently deployed technologies that received a 2nd place award at the Event Tech 2013, beating out Microsoft